Sue Lynn S.
I have been hunting for good tamales. I have been getting the standard masa overload dry tamales. These are standard so you don't expect different. Until today! Someone promised me I could by tamales and they were sold to someone else. So from disappointment and anger I searched again on my hunt for a decent tamale and found Tamale Loco! I read the review and thought it couldn't hurt. When I first saw him I thought, "does he really know how to make tamales". I purchased some frozen ones he had. Oh my GOODNESS! I am blown away! These tamales are on another level. I won't go back to those dry masa tamales , I can't! Others don't come close to the goodness of these tamales. He gave me his card, he is mobile so you text or call him to see what he has to purchase. I called him and ordered more for tomorrow. I'm so happy I found my tamale guy! Yoda master of tamales. They are so good it hurts! Lol!
Tim K.
I was escaping the Platte Ave Wal Mart out the back way today when I stumbled across this place with a sign that read 'Smoked Brisket Tamales'. Intrigued, I pulled over, locked the car good and tight and strolled up to the front. Guy was nice as could be but told me he was sold out of the smoked brisket. I was mildly disappointed but he had an extensive menu of tamales, so I opted for the smoked pulled pork, $12 for a half dozen. Got them home and let me tell you, they are the best damn tamales I have ever had. My wife isn't even a fan of tamales but I asked her to come in the kitchen and take a bite. She asked for another, then another. I finally had to say no so I could enjoy my late breakfast. Very sketchy neighborhood, but terrific tamales. I will be back often.